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Sarah Smith Top Ten Features of 2020


29th December, 2020

"2020 has provided us with a berth of films which have certainly kept us going." Sarah shares the cinematic ballast which kept her afloat during 2020.

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Matt Wolf’s ‘Bayard & Me’ Tells How Intergenerational Gay Adoption Became a Tool of Civil Rights Activism


6th April, 2017

"Acts of resistance can unfold behind closed doors in private forms of rebellion." Matt Wolf speaks to DN about Bayard Rustin and subversive LGBT activism.

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DN LFF2013: Teenage – Matt Wolf

Documentary, Film Festival, Podcasts

10th October, 2013

There used to be a time when there was no buffer between the stages of child and adult and although we take it for granted today, adolescents had to fight

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