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Making The Eagleman Stag

Animation, Documentary

23rd May, 2012

It’s always great when we find an impressive film that comes bundled with an informative ‘Making of’ video to give a bit of insight on the

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The Eagleman Stag


10th May, 2012

Created “100% in-camera” via stop-motion Mikey Please’s 'The Eagleman Stag's' striking visuals are equally matched by an ambitious epic narrative.

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Glens Gloves


5th September, 2011

Before Mikey Please’s The Eagleman Stag so impressed El Vez in the animation category of this year’s Rushes Soho Shorts there was Glens Gloves;

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RSSF2011: Animation

Animation, Film Festival

27th July, 2011

One look at the shortlisted films in the Animation category of this year Rushes Soho Shorts Festival and I instantly knew I was probably watching too many

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