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A Mystery Devours a Group of Stranded Men in Andrey M Paounov & Alex Barrett’s Chilly Thriller ‘January’

Director Andrey Paounov & Screenwriter Alex Barrett expound on how they created the absurd, maddening atmosphere of their snowbound folk horror feature.

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Nina Ognjanović’s Slamdance Debut ‘Where the Road Leads’ Encapsulates the Push-and-Pull of Rural Living

Nina Ognjanović explains creating her Serbian mystery-western through widescreen frames, rigorous location scouting and a less-is-more approach.

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The Inevitability of Death Invigorates a Renewed Sense of Life in Omar Kakar’s ‘Man in the Morgue’

Omar Kakar discusses the alchemy of the editing process which enabled him to straddle genres without leaving his audience adrift in a sea of confusion.

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