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Rodrigo Inada & NONO’s Experimental Short ‘Terra Cene’ Casts a Time Capsule as an Urgent Message of Awareness

Rodrigo Inada and NONO discuss the aesthetic lure of shooting on location in Ukraine for 16mm short 'Terra Cene', a film about (how to stop) a countdown.

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NONO Deconstructs Conventional Portrayals of Disability with Liberating Dance-Doc ‘Toke’

NONO tells DN about the lengthy conversational process that shaped 'Toke' — an intimate dance portrait exploring pain, disability and liberation.

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NONO Captures the Depths of the Grieving Process in Andalusian Culture in Califato ¾’s ‘Fandangô de Carmen Porter’

NONO talks digging into Andalusian identity and channelling it into a timeless 16mm portrait of death, loss and mysticism in 'Fandangô de Carmen Porter'.

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