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Paul Nevison Reflects on Resilient Motherhood Amid the Syrian Crisis in Short Film ‘Prayer of the Mothers’

Paul Nevison channels the power of resilient motherhood for his film 'Prayer of the Mothers', a humbling look at the Syrian crisis through a family's eyes.

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Live Action, Premiere

Paul Nevison Opens Our Eyes to Hidden Exploitation in His Duo of ‘Can You See Me?’ Campaign Films

Paul Nevison takes DN through the creation of his duo of shorts showing the dark reality of modern-day slavery for charity A21's Can You See Me? campaign.

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Documentary, Premiere

Paul Nevison Exposes the Cold Cruelty of Ghana’s Modern Day Child Slavery in ‘Lake Volta’

Paul Nevison’s ‘Lake Volta’ provides a harrowing firsthand account of the experience of a young boy sold into slavery on the world’s largest man-made

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