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10 Essential Short Films to Stream at GLAS Animation 2021

Animation, Film Festival

2nd April, 2021

DN delivers a recommended selection of ten cutting-edge animated shorts available to stream online at GLAS Animation 2021.

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Peter Millard returns with his latest slice of unmistakable animation ‘Fruit Fruit’

Animation, Asides

15th October, 2014

Writing a synopsis for a short film can often be a difficult thing...with the work of Directors Notes favourite Peter Millard it often feels impossible.

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Left Nude


24th January, 2013

Inspired by his life drawing classes at the RCA and drawn with his left hand, so his right wouldn’t get too tired when working on his graduation film

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23rd March, 2012

Finally! Peter Millard gives us the weird, trippy Hulk Hogan animation that’s been missing from our lives!

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