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RSSF2012: DN Picks

Film Festival

18th July, 2012

Yes, we admit that previous DN attempts to select award winners could be at best described as chequered, and looking at the official finalists list we

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RSSF2012: The Documentary Award

Documentary, Film Festival

16th July, 2012

We pick out three films from the Documentary Award in a final look at this year’s Rushes Soho Shorts; featuring a 30+ year long vigil in the face of

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RSSF2012: The Animation Award

Animation, Film Festival

11th July, 2012

With last year’s shortlist revealing Mickey Please’s extraordinary BAFTA winning stop motion The Eagleman Stag upon my bewildered eyes for the

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RSSF2012: The Long Form Award

Film Festival, Live Action

10th July, 2012

More space to spread your directorial wings, but all the time in the world to fall flat on your face, Rushes Soho Shorts’ Long Form Award is the place

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RSSF2012: The International Award

Film Festival, Live Action

9th July, 2012

Featuring 15 short fictional films created outside the UK, the Rushes Soho Shorts’ International Award shortlist is, as it was last year, awash with

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RSSF2012: The Music Video Award

Film Festival, Music

7th July, 2012

While last year’s Rushes Soho Shorts Music Video selection threw up a nice mix of impressive promos, this year I’ve had a hell of a time

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RSSF2012: The Short Film Award

Art & Fashion, Film Festival, Live Action

5th July, 2012

Featuring films no longer than 15 minutes, from established UK directors, the Short Film category at this year’s Rushes Soho Shorts festival featured

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RSSF2012: The Newcomer Award

Film Festival, Live Action

4th July, 2012

When I covered the Newcomer category last year I marvelled at the opportunity it provided for short film veterans to discover new filmmaking voices who were

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RSSF2012: The Pushing Boundaries Award

Art & Fashion, Film Festival

3rd July, 2012

Rushes Soho Shorts’ Pushing Boundaries category features films with innovative ideas that test the filmakers’ creative borders, as well as

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