Rushes Soho Short - Pushing boundaries

Rushes Soho Shorts’ Pushing Boundaries category features films with innovative ideas that test the filmakers’ creative borders, as well as audience expectations. Populated with adverts for well-known brands and experimental pieces, the shortlist contains a few standout films that may already be familiar to regular DN visitors.

Shift – Max Hattler

When it comes to pushing boundaries, there aren’t many that do it better than experimental animator and media artist Max Hattler. We’ve featured Hattler’s work on the site numerous times in the last four years and his experimental “moving art” never fails to impress. With two films shortlisted in this category, his standout piece is Shift – a stop-motion animation that uses objects to explore science fiction themes.

Grindin’ – Rogier van der Zwaag

In terms of technique, painted blocks might not sound like the most revolutionary tools in creating a boundary pushing film. Yet, the technique displayed in Rogier van der Zwaag’s music video for Nobody Beats the Drum track Grindin’ is so flawless, you probably wouldn’t realize it wasn’t computer generated until somebody told you.

Geometric Porn – Luciano Foglia

The use of sexually explicit images in film has always courted controversy, but what if those visuals were made of plain shapes of colour? This is the approach UK based visual artist Luciano Foglia takes with his animated short Geometric Porn, in which he poses the question – when do images become explicit? An animation based around shapes might be something you would expect to find on children’s television, but these are shapes and concepts the younger generation certainly won’t understand.

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