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Feedz Teleports Space Chaser to an Intergalactic Cantina Gig in Bonkers Sci-FI Opera ‘Remnants of Technology’


20th July, 2021

Feedz tells DN how he developed the operatic set design and monstrous makeup for his ambitious sci-fi music video 'Remnants of Technology'.

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Caroline Mackintosh Creates an Ode to the Infinite Possibilities of Life with ‘The Doors’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

14th July, 2021

Caroline Mackintosh discusses combining fast montage with voiceover to explore the different outcomes life can take in her playful visual poem 'The Doors'.

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Kai Stänicke Examines Our Destructive Relationship With Time in Reflective Animated Short ‘Pace’


6th July, 2021

Kai Stänicke details how he drew inspiration from the animation styles of 80s & 90s German abstract films for his admonitory time crunch short ‘Pace’.

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Jerry Hoffmann Points Toward a More Inclusive Sci-Fi Future in German Android Short ‘I AM’

Live Action

25th May, 2021

Jerry Hoffmann talks to DN about putting Black woman front and centre of a science fiction story and creating uncanny robotic mannerisms in 'I AM'

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Torben Loth Takes an Exploration Into Manhood and the Internal Struggle With Self in Dance Short ‘Torn’

Art & Fashion

6th May, 2021

Torben Loth explains the importance of thematic synthesis between environment and choreographed movement for his primal dance short 'Torn'.

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Lars Nagler Brings a Surreal Encyclopaedia to Life in His Short Animation ‘Shift Simmers Slips’

Animation, Art & Fashion

6th April, 2021

Lars Nagler explains the freely intuitive animation process behind 'Shift Simmers Slips' his surreal adaptation of Luigi Serafini's 'Codex Seraphinianus'.

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Eugen Merher Pits Two Lovers Against the World in His Neo-Noir Road Movie ‘Marry Me’

Live Action

23rd February, 2021

Eugen Merher discusses the challenges of shooting in Ukraine and executing a production reset in under a minute for his neo-noir romance short 'Marry Me'.

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Monica Menez Unveils the Sumptuous Frivolity of Willems Beauty Palace in Fashion Short ‘Business as Usual’

Art & Fashion

22nd December, 2020

Monica Menez lays out her journey from fashion photographer to director and elaborates on what exact ingredients are required to produce her uncanny style.

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Adi Halfin Blends Dance and Documentary to Reveal the Turmoil of Romance in Music Video ‘Lost Horse’

Documentary, Music

20th July, 2020

A dancer-choreographer duo, and real-life couple, document their romance in lockdown for Adi Halfin's remotely-created music video 'Lost Horse'.

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EunJu Ara Choi Animates the Testimony of a Korean Sex Worker in Poetic and Poignant ‘Happy Ending’

Animation, Documentary

29th June, 2020

EunJu Ara Choi talks to DN about finding a balanced visual language to illustrate the testimony of a Korean sex worker in animated short 'Happy Ending'.

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Tom Streller Explores Dangerous Group Dynamics in Today’s Youth Culture in Artful Film Essay ‘Feel Something’

Art & Fashion

3rd March, 2020

Tom Streller reveals how disturbing reports of adolescent violence led to artful film essay on group dynamics in today’s youth culture 'Feel Something'.

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A Basketball Player Triumphs Over Self-Doubt in Walter Stoehr’s Stunning Genesis Adaptation ‘My Kingdom Come’

Art & Fashion

14th February, 2020

Walter Stoehr talks about recasting the serpent from the Book of Genesis as a force of self-actualisation in biblical basketball short 'My Kingdom Come'.

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