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Film Festival, Live Action

Faris Alrjoob Crafts a Beguiling Mystery of Love with Cannes-Premiering Short ‘The Red Sea Makes Me Wanna Cry’

Through enigmatic voiceover, elliptical editing and gorgeous Super 16mm frames, Faris Alrjoob reveals how he created a mysterious reverie on closure.

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Documentary, Premiere

Robin Trouillet Crafts a Portrait of a Hard Raver Who Goes Again the Grain in ‘Turning Man – 81RPM’

Robin Trouillet reveals how he created a three-dimensional portrait of a unique individual with an uncompromising spirit for his music documentary short.

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Film Festival

An Inside Look at Programming Berlinale Shorts 2023 with Head of Shorts Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck

Berlinale Head of Shorts Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck details what she and her team look for in the films they programme and the strengths of the short form.

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Art & Fashion, Premiere

Corina Andrian Creates a Mesmerising and Unconventional Stop-Start Culture Clash Dance Film With ‘Dancen’

Corina Andrian explains how she used improvisation, the inspiration of everyday city life and a dreamlike logic for her startling dance film.

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Animation, Live Action

Female Pleasure Is Given a Playful Fulfilling Expression in Alena Shevchenko’s ‘Sorry I Am Late I Was Masturbating’

Alena Shevchenko explains why she wanted to explore female pleasure in her film about a woman banishing pre-date nerves with a spot of self-gratification.

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Spirits Awaken in an Estranged Crimson World in Hannah Doerr’s Mystical Infrared Music Video ‘RUINS’

Hannah Doerr speaks about the meticulous tests and setup that underpinned the otherworldly infrared look of her Butoh dance music video.

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Art & Fashion

Alexander Ronsdorf Explores the Genesis of the Creative Process in Branded Short ‘White Blank Page’

Alexander Ronsdorf champions the restrictive yet freeing constraints of shooting on film for his dynamic Marshall Headphones branded short.

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Live Action, Premiere

Manuel Tröndle Crafts a Moving Portrait of Queer Life Under the Horrors of Conversion Therapy in ‘Mending’

Manuel Tröndle explains how he created his poetic short about conversion therapy with close camerawork, an immersive feel and a fine sense of montage.

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Art & Fashion

Anthony Capristo’s Gorgeous Poetic Film ‘HeavenHell’ Fully Captures the Highs and Lows of Being in Love

Anthony Capristo shares how he captured the turmoil of young love through innovative transitions, poetic voiceover and finding the perfect images.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

Live to Love

Director Adi Halfin celebrates the joyous all-encompassing pleasure of love and freedom in her intuitively made dance short.

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Harun Güler’s ‘In Limbo’ Mixes Documentary and High Style to Create an Ode to Non-Binary Turkish Life

Harun Güler discusses using slow-motion, evocative performances and subversive fashion to point to new ways for Turkish gender expression.

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Live Action

Andzej Gavriss Reveals the Untold Story of PTSD in His Powerful Ukraine Refugee Short ‘Uprooted’

Andzej Gavriss describes how he channelled the devastating stories and experiences of Ukrainian refugees into his powerful campaign film.

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