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EunJu Ara Choi Animates the Testimony of a Korean Sex Worker in Poetic and Poignant ‘Happy Ending’

Animation, Documentary

29th June, 2020

EunJu Ara Choi talks to DN about finding a balanced visual language to illustrate the testimony of a Korean sex worker in animated short 'Happy Ending'.

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Tom Streller Explores Dangerous Group Dynamics in Today’s Youth Culture in Artful Film Essay ‘Feel Something’

Art & Fashion

3rd March, 2020

Tom Streller reveals how disturbing reports of adolescent violence led to artful film essay on group dynamics in today’s youth culture 'Feel Something'.

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A Basketball Player Triumphs Over Self-Doubt in Walter Stoehr’s Stunning Genesis Adaptation ‘My Kingdom Come’

Art & Fashion

14th February, 2020

Walter Stoehr talks about recasting the serpent from the Book of Genesis as a force of self-actualisation in biblical basketball short 'My Kingdom Come'.

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Joscha Bongard & Felix Schreiber Explore the Virtual Space of a Long-Term Long-Distance Relationship in ‘VITRUM’

Live Action, Premiere

25th October, 2019

Joscha Bongard & Felix Schreiber discuss using the vertical frame to explore the virtual space of a long-term long-distance relationship in 'VITRUM'.

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A Man Struggles to Cope with the Loss of His Lover in Tom Streller’s Eerie Short ‘Rosa’

Live Action, Premiere

27th September, 2019

Tom Streller discusses the struggles of confidence and production which almost prevented his meditative debut short 'Rosa' from seeing the light of day.

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Arne Totz Documents the Life of a Legendary Blind Boxer in ‘Dear Enemy: The Journey of Bashir’


28th August, 2019

Arne Totz reveals how he created stirring doc 'Dear Enemy: The Journey of Bashir', the story of Bashir Ramathan, a blind boxer from the slums of Uganda.

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Traditional Inuit Culture Meets Techno-Futurism in Alessandra Leone’s Audio-Visual Explosion ‘Inouï (and free)’

Animation, Music

28th June, 2019

Alessandra Leone tells DN how she partnered with Andreas Barden to create Zoë Mc Pherson's enthralling 3D looping music video 'Inouï (and free)'.

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Jan Eric Huehn & Alex Schuchmann Examine Family Life Outside Society in Fuerteventura Documentary ‘Omogeneo’


25th June, 2019

Jan Eric Huehn & Alex Schuchmann tell DN how they shot short doc 'Omogeneo' capturing the unique way of life of a family on the fringes of society.

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Juliette Hüsler Steps Outside the Bounds of Space & Time in Experimental Solo Project ‘Circle’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

25th April, 2019

Juliette Hüsler talks to DN about working solo whilst attempting to creatively depict the theory of the multiverse in experimental short film 'Circle'.

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Ah!Serif Bravely Faces Our Collective Irrational Fears in Playful Retro Styled 3D Animated Short ‘Phobias’


27th March, 2019

Ah Serif tells DN how siderodromophobia inspired him to take a playful animated swipe at our collective irrational fears in 3D animated short 'Phobias'.

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Animation, Asides

19th February, 2019

A strange group of creatures gather to gamble, putting their souls at stake in Anne Breymann’s darkly surreal stop motion short 'Nocturne' (Nachtstück).

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Animation, Asides, Music

5th February, 2019

A man embarks on a spiritual journey of partnership, love, pain, destruction, growth & rebirth in Raman Djafari's twisting, transforming animation 'Snow'.

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