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The Day: Where The Wild Things Are


12th November, 2018

Lumi Lausas constructs a pastel parade of perfect poses for shoegaze twosome The Day in enigmatic dream pop music video 'Where The Wild Things Are'.

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Maura Morales Returns to Cuba for an Exploration of Love, Art & Home in Grosse 8’s Hybrid Dance/Doc ‘Maura’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

9th November, 2018

Manfred Borsch & Jacqueline Hochmuth talk to DN about creating a hybrid doc/dance film for dancer Maura Morales' exploration of love, art and home.

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A Triangular Relationship Unfolds Amongst the Raw Power of the Elements in Harun Güler’s ‘Wide’


16th October, 2018

Harun Güler turns his slow motion focus to Ah! Kosmos track 'Wide' exploring the potency of the elements & the relationship between a triad of individuals

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Animation, Asides

3rd October, 2018

Robert Löbel makes any bad hair day problems you may have experienced pale into insignificance with the conjoined follicle challenges of new short 'Link'.

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The Very Near Future

Asides, Live Action

4th September, 2018

Sebastian Egert’s 'The Very Near Future' sees a man’s efforts to order a pizza frustrated by his digital assistant and newly updated T&Cs.

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Anna Calvi: Hunter

Asides, Music

31st August, 2018

Matt Lambert explores the heady delights of self-pleasure in this highly intimate, sensual and of course NSFW music video for Anna Calvi’s 'Hunter'.

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A Woman’s Virtual Spirit Fights to Reenter Her Body in Kinect Dance Music Video ‘Blossom Through’

Live Action

11th July, 2018

Michael Gugger tells DN how he & Arthur Valverde combined dance footage with 3D depth data for distorted digital mirror music video 'Blossom Through'.

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“Now you need to load the dishwasher” – How Christine Franz Captured the Electric Rise of Sleaford Mods

Documentary, Music

26th June, 2018

Neil Fox talks to Christine Franz about her electrifying documentary 'Bunch of Kunst' which charts the rise of English electronic punk duo Sleaford Mods.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

23rd May, 2018

Nicolas Arnold’s 'H E L I O S' provides a jaw-dropping rendition of what the uncharted territories of outer space might look like.

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Daniel Eceolaza Taps into the Power of Operatic Archetypes for Primal Love Story ‘Cantami’


9th May, 2018

Daniel Eceolaza shares how a house in the middle of nowhere became the perfect setting for his epic romance music video for Anna Netrebko’s ‘Cantami’.

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A Young Boy Navigates a Surprising Identity Crisis in Jon Frickey’s Charming Animated Short ‘Cat Days’


7th April, 2018

DN talks to Jon Frickey about cultural appropriation, language barriers & wrestling with complicated storyboards for his charming animation 'Cat Days'.

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Jan Roth: Glühwürmchen

Animation, Asides, Music

14th March, 2018

German visual artist Marcel Vockrodt animates a playful geometric dance in this music video for the soothing sounds of Jan Roth's 'Glühwürmchen'.

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