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Tradition & Culture Vie for Ascendancy Over Self-Determination in Madja Amin’s Fantastical Debut ‘Stray Sheep’

Live Action

30th April, 2020

DN sits down with Madja Amin for a detailed discussion about his debut short 'Stray Sheep', an allegorical depiction of the nature of manhood and sacrifice

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A Pair of Sisters Live out an Endless Summer in a Timeless World in Ayla Spaans’ ‘About Two Girls’

Art & Fashion

15th April, 2020

Ayla Spaans tells us how her tight knit crew captured the feeling of an endless summer for playful celebration of sisterhood 'About Two Girls'.

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Luuk Walschot Looks Beyond Superficial Divisions in the Hope of Greater Unity in ‘Union Jake’

Live Action

21st January, 2020

Luuk Walschot asks why we can't put our efforts into finding what unites rather than divides us in his challenging identity short 'Union Jake'.

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Marc Aziz Ressang & Daniel Agha-Rafei Look into Indonesia’s Extreme DIY Vespa Culture in ‘Rebel Riders’


16th October, 2019

Marc Aziz Ressang & Daniel Agha-Rafei provide a glimpse into the lives of the free-spirited members of Indonesia’s DIY Vespa culture in 'Rebel Riders'.

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A Solo Park Run Escalates into a Battle of One-Upmanship in Mariia Ponomarova’s ‘Ardea’

Live Action, Premiere

5th August, 2019

Mariia Ponomarova joins DN for the premiere 'Ardea' - the story of a gentle park run which quickly escalates into a competitive battle of one-upmanship.

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Elastic Recurrence

Art & Fashion, Asides

23rd April, 2019

Johan Rijpma transforms the shards of a dinner plate into a self-replicating cycle of falling and retracting connected fragments in 'Elastic Recurrence'.

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How Antiquated Health Advice led Filmmaker Arjan Brentjes to Create Abstract Animation ‘Sand’


27th February, 2019

From Saul Bass to outdated Government advice, Arjan Brentjes joins us to discuss his surreal animated short film 'Sand'.

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De Staat Get Ready to Rumble in Wouter Stoter’s Red Versus Blue Music Video ‘Kitty Kitty’


11th December, 2018

Director Wouter Stoter explains how he got alt-rock band De Staat to face off against themselves in his red vs blue music video 'Kitty Kitty'.

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Animation, Asides

10th September, 2018

A childless woman steals a little girl's imaginary friend in Job, Joris & Marieke's utterly charming animated short '(Otto)'.

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Don’t Call Me Precious

Asides, Live Action

7th September, 2018

Ben Brand demonstrates the resilience of children in 'Don’t Call Me Precious', an ad spot made for Nike China featuring four real-life child athletes.

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Asides, Live Action

3rd April, 2018

A young man finds himself ignoring blinkered sentiment as he embraces the powerful draw of the supposed 'Wrongside'.

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A Young Boy Fights Depression With Time in Jonathan Herzberg’s ‘Seven Things I’ve Learned About Time Travel’

Live Action, Premiere

2nd April, 2018

A young boy attempts to cure his mother's depression with a time machine in Jonathan Herzberg's sci-fi short 'Seven Things I've Learned About Time Travel'.

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