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Mumford & Sons: Beloved

Asides, Music

21st March, 2019

Charlotte Regan crafts a heart-wrenching music video about the crushing pain of loss whilst celebrating the memories that make letting go so hard to bear.

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BFI Flare London LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2019: Sign of the Times

Film Festival

19th March, 2019

DN looks ahead to this year's BFI Flare festival, assessing the selection of works being presented and offering suggestions of what to watch.

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Charlie Watts on Making Every Second Count in His Multi-Layered One-Shot Micro Short ‘Under’

Live Action

15th March, 2019

Charlie Watts discusses ratcheting up the tension in his 77 second, one-shot micro-short ‘Under’ - the story of four individuals under one bridge.

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Hayden Thorpe Finds Alignment in the Story of Self in Crowns & Owls’ Beguiling ‘Diviner’ Music Video


13th March, 2019

A beguiling mix of digital and analogue mediums, Crowns & Owls share how they channelled a feeling of allegorical storytelling into music video 'Diviner'.

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Asides, Documentary

11th March, 2019

Charlene Jones’ emotionally raw doc 'Henceforth' features a frank conversation between 3 siblings about the process of mourning the death of their

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Kew’s Marianne North

Animation, Art & Fashion, Asides

8th March, 2019

Rok Predin brings the beautiful paintings by renowned Victorian botanical artist Marianne North to stunning animated life for International Woman’s Day.

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Will & Carly Confront a Rising Tide of Youth Violence in Poetic Anti-Knife Crime Short ‘No More Knives LDN’

Art & Fashion

6th March, 2019

Directing duo Will & Carly tell DN why they felt compelled to address escalating knife crime by combining slam poetry & 16mm film in 'No More Knives LDN'.

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Michelob: Call From Nature 

Asides, Live Action

4th March, 2019

DN regular Ian Pons Jewell transforms busy city dwellers into a collection of migrating animalistic entities in new Michelob ad spot 'Call From Nature'.

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Asides, Live Action

25th February, 2019

A young couple try to navigate their sex life after the birth of their baby in Danny Morgan & Helen Simmons' touching, funny & relatable short 'F*CK'.

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Glimpse the Unseen World of Mysterious Connections in Ollie Verschoyle’s ‘Madeleine’

Film Festival, Live Action, Premiere

22nd February, 2019

DN talks to Ollie Verschoyle about taking up the role of director alongside his cinematographer duties on 'Madeleine' - a story of interconnected clarity.

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Ben Hector Explores Fractious Mother Daughter Dynamics in Family Drama ‘Jo’

Live Action

18th February, 2019

Director Ben Hector tells DN how working with established actors, both old and young, helped shape his awkward family drama short 'Jo'.

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Silent Conductors

Animation, Asides

15th February, 2019

Tom McCarten creates a poem-inspired personification of buildings through the use of hand-built sculptures and quirky animation in 'Silent Conductors'.

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