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Kobo: Baltimore

Asides, Music

19th July, 2018

Felix Brady thrusts us into the centre of a ride along with French rapper Kobo and his crew as they roll through London in gritty music video 'Baltimore'.

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Submerge Yourself in the Calming Waters of Community in Margate Tidal Pool Documentary ‘Taking the Waters’


18th July, 2018

Kathryn Ferguson & Anna Hart tell DN about the calming waters of community they found in an 80yr old Margate tidal pool for doc short 'Taking the Waters'.

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Artur Zaremba Calls Into Question Society’s Outmoded Concept of Masculinity in Dance Documentary ‘SPECTRUM’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

13th July, 2018

Using a mix of techniques Artur Zaremba questions society’s outmoded assumptions of what constitutes masculinity in documentary dance short 'SPECTRUM'.

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A Grieving Woman Seeks Refuge in a Distorted Reality of Her Own Making in Natasza Cetner’s ‘Baraa’


9th July, 2018

Natasza Cetner takes DN inside the creation of 'Baraa', her moving contemplation on the impact of grief and its powerful ability to distort our perceptions.

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Years & Years: Palo Santo

Asides, Music

9th July, 2018

Fred Rowson heralds the release Years & Years’ 'Palo Santo' with a dark tale of humankind’s future existence as entertainment playthings for androids.

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The Eyes of Others

Asides, Live Action

5th July, 2018

A moment of self-aware clarity sees a man step out of the social media hampster wheel into the unfiltered reality he’s lost touch with.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

4th July, 2018

Frederic van Strydonck’s soothing iPhone X shot experimental short 'Spltch' reveals the secret life of water and how it travels around the world.

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Fall in Love with the Community That Raise a Couple of Olympians in ‘Boys from the Back of Beyond’


28th June, 2018

DN speaks to Jonny Madderson & Jono Stevens about their endearing portrait of the community which raised Olympic winning siblings the O'Donovan brothers.

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A Woman Walks into the Abyss to Save Her Sister in Adam Butcher’s Tense Suspense Drama ‘The Prevailing Winds’

Live Action

27th June, 2018

A lone hiker braves the threat of an invisible, deadly toxin to save her sister in Adam Butcher’s tense suspense drama The Prevailing Winds.

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“Now you need to load the dishwasher” – How Christine Franz Captured the Electric Rise of Sleaford Mods

Documentary, Music

26th June, 2018

Neil Fox talks to Christine Franz about her electrifying documentary 'Bunch of Kunst' which charts the rise of English electronic punk duo Sleaford Mods.

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Heartbreak Gets Colourful in Moth Studio’s Conceptual Music Video for Sigrid

Animation, Music

20th June, 2018

Moth Studio returns to DN to discuss creating colour schemes for internal organs in their poetic, conceptual music video for Sigrid track 'Focus'

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The Art of Change – Climate Change

Animation, Asides

18th June, 2018

Sois de Traca present an alternate reality in which a group of animals resort to guerrilla tactics to call planet wrecking humans to account.

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