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Selfridges and Sustainability

Animation, Asides

14th June, 2018

Dirs. Anna Ginsburg & Hannah Jacobs celebrate the range of sustainability initiatives Selfridges employs in this charming hand drawn, 2D animated short.

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Anna Mantzaris Explores the Catharsis of Explosive Impulses in Animated Comedy ‘Enough’

Animation, Film Festival

13th June, 2018

Anna Mantzaris tells DN how moving to London and Roy Andersson inspired her short comedy animation about a loss of self-control, 'Enough'.

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A Male Government Conspires to Change the Fate of Women in Alicia Macdonald’s Satire ‘Domestic Policy’

Live Action

12th June, 2018

DN speaks with Alicia MacDonald about comedy, tragedy and everything in between in her government conspiracy satire 'Domestic Policy'.

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The Importance of Performance is Highlighted in Alan Friel’s Stark Short ‘Cake’

Live Action

11th June, 2018

"I knew I needed strong actors to do it justice" - Alan Friel discusses casting Maxine Peake & Letitia Wright in his stark short 'Cake'.

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Wild Horses

Asides, Live Action

5th June, 2018

A young girl struggles to deal with her illness, whilst also becoming obsessed with horses, in Rory Stewart's NFTS short.

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Rone: Wave (Feat. Noga Erez)

Animation, Asides, Live Action, Music

4th June, 2018

A virtual hook up falls foul to spotty internet connections & the freemium upsell model in Greg Barth’s worryingly relatable 'Wave' music video for Rone.

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Obsession Clouds a Father’s View of What’s Truly Important in Animade’s Impressive First Studio Film ‘Tend’


31st May, 2018

DN caught up with dirs. Tom Judd & Ed Barrett to find out why they made us wait so long for Animade’s first full short film & how it all came together.

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Tom Rosenthal: Soon Goodbye, Now Love

Animation, Asides

21st May, 2018

Daniela Sherer’s sublime music video for Tom Rosenthal’s 'Soon Goodbye, Now Love', achingly depicts a mother’s daydream of escape from domestic

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Asides, Live Action

18th May, 2018

Patrick Walsh’s tense political thriller 'Ostrich' sees what should be a simple interview escalate into a worrying demonstration of the impunity of power.

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Unseen Films & Forgotten Cult Classics: Take a Look Inside East London Film Club ‘Deeper Into Movies’

Documentary, Film Festival, Premiere

16th May, 2018

Christopher Rogers’ new documentary unearths the roots and ethos behind Steven T Hanley’s cult East London film club 'Deeper Into Movies'.

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Wasuremono: Holy Now

Animation, Asides, Music

11th May, 2018

Junaid Faiz’s 'Holy Now' pixel animation for Wasuremono imagines the future advances of marginalised cultures had they been left unmolested by

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Learning What Story To Tell: An Interview With Caroline Richards About The Parkinsons & Music Documentaries

Documentary, Music

27th April, 2018

Neil Fox speaks to Caroline Richards about her smart, moving and nostalgic in the right ways music documentary 'The Parkinsons: A Long Way To Nowhere'.

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