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Christopher Pickering Blows the Lid off the Secret Science Behind Snack Serving Sizes in Short Film ‘Jimmy Boden’

Christopher Pickering reveals how he arrived at the deceptively profound concept of his short exposing the bizarre method for determining snack serving sizes.

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Live Action

An Unsavoury Opportunity Offers a Lucrative Solution for a Desperate Woman in Giuseppe Garau’s ‘L’Incidente’

Giuseppe Garau extols the creative perks of not being glued to a monitor when shooting his 16mm film about a woman who enters the seedy world of tow trucks.

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Nina Ognjanović’s Slamdance Debut ‘Where the Road Leads’ Encapsulates the Push-and-Pull of Rural Living

Nina Ognjanović explains creating her Serbian mystery-western through widescreen frames, rigorous location scouting and a less-is-more approach.

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