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Tony Comley Weaves a Harmonic Spider Web for His Graceful Animated Music Video ‘Time to Recover’

Animation, Music

25th March, 2021

Long-time alum Tony Comley walks DN through the self-reflective gestation behind his harmonious animated Serfaima Steer music video 'Time to Recover'.

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Animation, Music

23rd May, 2011

Tony Comley returns with D N A U X B – the tale of a brave Femto-panda fighter pilot on a breakneck mission to warn the galaxy of impending doom

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25th June, 2010

Brought to fruition in a mere three weeks with students from the University of Wales for the Animator in Residence scheme, Tony Comley brings us a kinetic

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DN156: Stately Turrets Fall – Tony Comley

Art & Fashion, Podcasts

11th February, 2010

Way back in the mists of DN time, director Tony Comley joined us to discuss his plane disaster animation Abigail. It’s my pleasure to welcome Tony

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DN020: Abigail – Tony Comley

Animation, Podcasts

25th January, 2007

Writer, Director and Animator Tony Comley is a good example of what can be achieved when you put in the effort to nurture your ideas into effective,

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