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A Runaway Bride Can’t Escape Her Past in Austin Hutching’s Striking Music Video for Kat Duma’s ‘So Long’

Austin Hutchings speaks to us about the importance of tangibility when creating the ambitious imagery for his train carriage-set music video.

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Live Action

Nicolaas Schmidt Crafts a Mesmerising and Minimalist Work of Sly Romance in Arthouse Drama ‘FIRST TIME’

Nicolaas Schmidt reveals how he combined irony with romance to excellent effect in the static yet constantly moving minimalist film 'FIRST TIME'.

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When Time Stops on Set – Benjamin Roberds Battles Production Disaster on his Trainbound StarBenders’ Promo

“I needed that dolly to work for this music video to work.” A memoir on the making of Starbenders' ‘Time Stops’ music video by Benjamin Roberds

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