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A Dangerous Hazing Ritual Tests a Friendship in Sam & David Cutler-Kreutz’ Intense Drama ‘Flounder’

Sam & David Cutler-Kreutz detail how they adapted to the challenge of shooting the pivotal murky underwater sequence for their tense toxic masculinity drama.

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Animation, Music

Alessandra Leone Literalises Fluidity as Form in Her Immersive Music Video for Zoë Mc Pherson’s ‘Lamella’

Alessandra Leone tells DN how she channelled the malleability of Zoe Mc Pherson's track into the ever evolving form of her experimental video.

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Animation, Asides

Gabrielle: An animated film for CHANEL

Cara Delevingne stars as a skateboarding, bag loving, Parisian in Shishi Yamazaki's gorgeous animated film for CHANEL’s Gabrielle bag campaign.

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