Yes, it’s been a long while since any of us posted to the blog, but like I tell my boss, “I have a really good excuse…”

While El-Vez has been swimming through oceans of Sangria across Majorca with his lovely lady ‘X’, Miss D and I were charged with minding the DN shop. Only thing is, three weeks ago we added another member to the DN team, young future indie film fan CaBelle (as we’ve nicknamed him) and despite our best intentions, hours have melted away as we sit and watch him sleep, plan his future as a film camera wielding ninja guitarist or just ponder who got peed on the most. Don’t panic, I’m not turning this into the Confessions of a Clueless Dad podcast, just letting you know where we’ve been.

Despite this morish distraction, things have been happening here. If you cast an eye to the top of the sidebar you’ll notice we now have a logo created for us by designer Helen Turner. You can see examples of her work here so give her a shout if you need something eye catching. We then gave our friend Jordan Assender a call who turned the logo into 10 seconds of animated excellence. But don’t take my word for it when you can see for yourself – Directors Notes Sting.

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