Nature, Movement & Fashion Coalesce in Felicia Manning’s Restorative Dance Film ‘The Best Ain’t Happened Yet’

Art & Fashion

14th October, 2021

Director Felicia Manning takes DN inside the creation of her joyous experimental dance ode to the liberating sensations of freedom, nature and lightness.

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Reading & Leeds 2021 Cinema Tent Shorts…It’s Good to be Back

Film Festival

26th August, 2021

A time honoured tradition DN re-emerges into the world for our Cinema Tent shorts programme, screening live at the Reading & Leeds festivals this weekend.

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A Statement on Adam Ellis’ Plagiarism Accusation & Backbone Films’ Short Film ‘Keratin’


2nd February, 2021

In light of Adam Ellis' plagiarism accusation about the short film Keratin we would like to share this statement from our editor about the film's removal.

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Directors Notes Top 20 Filmmaker Conversations of 2020

Live Action

6th January, 2021

Throughout 2020 DN was fortunate enough to speak to some of the most talented filmmakers across the globe. Here are 20 of our favourite conversations.

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MarBelle Top Ten Features of 2020


31st December, 2020

"2020 is a year which has highlighted the deep importance of the moving image." MarBelle runs through the films that helped make a terrible year bearable.

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Inherited Conflict Puts the Breaks on an Impromptu Hookup in Mattis Ohana Goksøyr’s ‘Safiyyah’

Live Action, Premiere

30th October, 2020

What should be a carefree hookup becomes mired in the inherited resentments of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict in Mattis Ohana Goksøyr's 'Safiyyah'.

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How James Kicklighter Captured Trans Opera Singer Lucia Lucas’ Historic Tulsa Performance in ‘The Sound of Identity’

Documentary, Music

7th September, 2020

We speak to James Kicklighter about documenting the boundary breaking performance of transgender opera singer Lucia Lucas in 'The Sound of Identity'.

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How Lenny Abrahamson Transformed Sally Rooney’s Best Selling Novel Into the Record-Breaking TV Event of the Year

Live Action

27th July, 2020

Lenny Abrahamson digs deep into TV series 'Normal People', from working with an Intimacy Coordinator for the first time to making subtle stories resonate.

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How an Ambitious Fish Became a Girl in Thessa Meijer’s Celebrated Tragicomedy ‘The Walking Fish’

Live Action

30th June, 2020

Thessa Meijer discusses overcoming language barriers for her Japan-set short about an ambitious sea-creature who becomes a woman striving for perfection.

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Serafima Serafimova Celebrates the Beauty of Movement & Human Connection in Dance Short ‘Still Life’

Animation, Premiere

26th June, 2020

Serafima Serafimova reveals how lockdown inspired her to fuse dance, animation and stylised design for a joyful celebration of movement and connection.

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Diana Antunes Unlocks the Past Through the Memory Infused Spaces We Inhabit in Dance Short ‘Desabitar’

Art & Fashion

4th June, 2020

Her first production in a socially distanced world Diana Antunes reveals how she overcame the challenge of creating dance film 'Desabitar' at arm's length.

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WeAreDN // Lockdown: Eye for an Eye

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

31st May, 2020

Embrace the siren call to vengeance with a WeAreDN // Lockdown collection which leans into our primal desire to even the score & claim an 'Eye for an Eye'.

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