Vagabon Grapples With the Primal Forces of Nature in Maegan Houang’s Sumptuous Music Video ‘In a Bind’


9th April, 2020

Maegan Houang tells DN how she used rear projection and practical effects to conjure up the primal forces of nature for exquisite music video 'In a Bind'.

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An Iraqi Marsh-Arab Confronts His New Existence as a Relic of the Past in Ivan Olita’s ‘The Last Singer’


7th April, 2020

Ivan Olita returns to DN with 'The Last Singer' a documentary exploration of the friction between long-held traditions and social identity of the present.

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WeAreDN // Lockdown: Family Friction

Animation, Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action

5th April, 2020

We kick off our new weekly WeAreDN // Lockdown screening series with // Family Friction // - a collection of short films with family at their core.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

3rd April, 2020

Hanna Brotherus asks what it means to be a man in dance piece 'Men' - an experimental project which deployed the power and intimacy of touch.

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Learn How Lorcan Finnegan Trapped Us in the Horror of Suburbia for Disturbing Sci-Fi Thriller ‘VIVARIUM’

Live Action

26th March, 2020

Director Lorcan Finnegan returns to DN for an extensive discussion about creating the disturbing (un)reality of his feature sci-fi thriller 'VIVARIUM'.

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Nickolas Duarte Unearths the Painful Past of the Man Who Paints Souls in Surprising Documentary Short ‘Jay’


20th March, 2020

Director Nickolas Duarte unravels the 5 year journey behind his surprising glimpse into the extraordinary life of an abstract artist with an abstract past.

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CCXP: World of all Worlds

Asides, Live Action

19th March, 2020

Giomi’s fantasy-horror-cartoon-superhero-sci-fi-musical-drama CCXP short 'World of all Worlds' is a glorious celebration of geekdom and shared culture.

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Bedroom Insecurities Spiral out of Control in Greg Fox’s Unsatisfied Romance Comedy ‘I Love You, Hannah’

Live Action

18th March, 2020

"A guy… in a sex shop… holding two dildos…" We talk strong character motivations and sexual insecurity with 'I Love You, Hannah' director Greg Fox.

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Tragedy Is Transformed Into a Jubilant Celebration of Music in Jess Colquhoun’s ‘Sundays at the Triple Nickel’

Documentary, Music

16th March, 2020

Jess Colquhoun discusses capturing the power of music as a healing force in her evocative doc about a mother's weekly jazz concert tributes to her son.

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An Astronaut Struggles to Adapt to Life on Earth After Redundancy in Joe Connor’s Musing on the Human Experience

Live Action, Premiere

11th March, 2020

Director Joe Connor reveals why taking 7 years to shoot his short about an astronaut's struggle to adapt to life back on Earth resulted in a stronger film.

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Divided We Scroll

Art & Fashion, Asides

10th March, 2020

Klaas Diersmann provides an eerie depiction of the obsessive, compulsive and divisive relationships we've formed with technology in 'Divided We Scroll'.

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Tom Streller Explores Dangerous Group Dynamics in Today’s Youth Culture in Artful Film Essay ‘Feel Something’

Art & Fashion

3rd March, 2020

Tom Streller reveals how disturbing reports of adolescent violence led to artful film essay on group dynamics in today’s youth culture 'Feel Something'.

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