Today I received a very community minded email from fellow podcaster Michael W. Dean of Clone The Homeless and also the force behind the Deal Machine track I played in Ep 015, alerting me to a potential problem with the show I had no idea about. It seems that some podcatchers when doing their auto-grab of shows will only grab one new episode a day, so some of you out their may have no idea that we actually do an interview to go with the films you’ve been getting.

The only way I can see to combat this is to post the video and interview on separate days from now on. Logically it makes more sense to post the film first, which I’ll try to do on a Wednesday with the interview still coming to you at some point on Thursday.

Yes I know it’s Friday and this week’s show isn’t up yet, but that’s why you subscribe so it’s a lovely surprise waiting for you each week šŸ˜‰

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