doc-fest-logoOne hundred and seventy six miles north of Soho, there’s a mystical place called Sheffield, where powerful people travel from afar on an annual basis to share their documentary knowledge, and parade the results of their efforts. And for every mile delegates have to travel, there is a film or session to see – from Kim Longinotto’s Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go, to sessions on how to be a TV whore.

This modern day pilgrimage, now in its 14th year, yet again failed to disappoint with what was to be the biggest congregation yet. Orchestrated by festival director Heather Croall, factual big wigs and newbies alike shared thoughts on the documentary world, with particular focus on the post ‘Queengate’ TV climate.

Now my fourth consecutive Sheffield Doc/Fest visit, I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the delegates, and attending some of the legendary parties along the way.

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