Michael Priestley & Christian O’Keefe Embrace a Musical Escape from the Vicious Cycle of Depression in ‘Morphine’


17th May, 2019

Michael Priestley & Christian O'Keefe discuss combining Transcendental Style, rear protection & the sanctuary of bedrooms for Gracie Gray promo 'Morphine'

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Adi Halfin Takes a Voyage Through an Enigmatic Country of Interconnected Stories in Kris Kelly’s ‘Birthplace’


16th May, 2019

Adi Halfin tells DN how unshakable characters, a late night desert experience and working on instinct resulted in enigmatic music video 'Birthplace'.

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Jake Saner Finds Hope in the Streets of East New York in Lauren Declasse Music Video ‘Evisu’


14th May, 2019

Dir. Jake Saner discusses zero budget filmmaking and forming a creative partnership with hip hop artist Lauren Declasse for poetic music video 'Evisu'.

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Patrick Knot Takes a Symbolic Journey into the Spirit of Bauhaus in 100th Anniversary Short ‘Courage’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

13th May, 2019

Patrick Knot tells DN how he headed to France to capture a symbolic journey into the spirit of Bauhaus in 100th anniversary commemorative short 'Courage'.

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Lucas Hrubizna Depicts the Cruel Indifference of High School in Dark Music Video ‘Joseph in the Bathroom’


6th May, 2019

Dir. Lucas Hrubizna shares how he used VFX to confront the cruel indifference of high school in his eerie Sam Tudor music video 'Joseph in the Bathroom'.

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Dancer Sakeema Finds Truth & Understanding Through Movement in Bertil Nilsson’s Portrait Series ‘Figures’

Documentary, Premiere

30th April, 2019

Bertil Nilsson tells DN how he embraced spontaneity in order to explore the duality of home for young queer dancer Sakeema in doc portrait 'Figure 2'.

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A Boy’s Disturbing Imagination Is Unleashed on the World in Johan Stahl’s Dark Trailer ‘Play: The Power of Ideas’

Film Festival, Live Action

29th April, 2019

Johan Stahl talks to DN about unleashing a young boy's disturbing imagination on the world in Newport Beach Film Fest trailer 'Play: The Power of Ideas'.

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Andrew Litten Captures How the 10 New Artists on Pusha T’s ‘1800 Seconds’ Album “Made It Count”

Documentary, Music

24th April, 2019

Andrew Litten tells DN how he deployed a mix of shooting formats to document how the 10 new artists on Pusha T's '1800 Seconds' album "made it count".

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Kristian Mercado Figueroa Pays Homage to Puerto Rico’s Spirit of Resilience in Hurray for the Riff Raff’s ‘Pa’lante’


23rd April, 2019

DN invited director Kristian Mercado Figueroa to share how a desire to do justice to his Puerto Rican heritage inspired potent music video 'Pa'lante'.

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Joshua Dawson Envisions the Digital Future of Chile’s Resource Striped Ghost Towns in Foreboding Short ‘Loa’s Promise’

Animation, Art & Fashion

19th April, 2019

Joshua Dawson tells DN how he used drone footage & 3D modelling to create a foreboding vision of Chile's resource striped ghost towns in 'Loa's Promise'.

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A Pregnant Woman Struggles with a Life Altering Decision in Kevin Rios & Anamari Mesa’s Tender Short ‘Maternal’

Animation, Live Action

18th April, 2019

Kevin Rios & Anamari Mesa co-direct the contemplative story of a young woman processing her doubts before meeting the adoptive parents of her unborn child

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Lorenzo De Guia Introduces us to the Spirit of Self-Determination Which Stokes the Fire of Paralympian ‘Leeper’


16th April, 2019

Dir. Lorenzo de Guia explains how Blake Leeper’s infectious positivity, drive and outlook inspired his stirring depiction of the Paralympian medallist.

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