Five Participants Undergo a Not so Simple Test of Conformity in Theo Gee & Ian Bousher’s Dark Comedy ‘Aping’

Live Action, Premiere

18th September, 2019

A man undergoing a conformity test decides to give the researchers exactly what they want in Theo Gee and Ian Bousher's pitch dark comedy 'Aping'.

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Vincent René-Lortie Pays Honour to the Cherished Memory of a Dying Father in Diamondstein’s ‘Antique Stores’

Music, Premiere

17th September, 2019

Vincent René-Lortie and Diamondstein explain the intentions which underpinned the emotional resonance of their new music video 'Antique Stores'.

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“I Had the Freedom to Do Whatever I Wanted” John Morena on Releasing the Choice Cuts of Area 52


12th September, 2019

Creator of 'one film a week' animation project 'Area 52' John Morena reveals why he's decided to released 25 choice cuts on YouTube as the "A-Sides".

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The Futility of Being Gets Kicked into Sharp Relief in Andy Fisher’s Silent Western Comedy ‘LUCKY’

Live Action, Premiere

10th September, 2019

Andy Fischer steps back to the old west for silent comedy short 'LUCKY' a film which sees a poverty-stricken family get hit hard by the futility of being.

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Artur Zaremba Questions the Pressures of Beauty Standards & Filter Culture in Reclamation of Self Short ‘SKIN’

Documentary, Premiere

9th September, 2019

Artur Zaremba explains why he set out to question how we perceive ourselves and the concept of beauty in the era of mass filtered reality in 'SKIN'.

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How Max Hattler Transformed Hong Kong’s Vertical Skyline into Living Film Strips in ‘Serial Parallels’

Animation, Art & Fashion

4th September, 2019

Max Hattler provides some insight into his new film 'Serial Parallels' an experimental portrait of Hong Kong one of the most vertical cities in the world.

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A Daughter Struggles to Hold onto Her Drug Addicted Father in Matt Genesis’ ‘The One Who Breaks Your Heart’

Live Action

26th August, 2019

Matt Genesis reveals how personal experiences of mental health & addiction informed the content and style of music video 'The One Who Breaks Your Heart'.

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Niels Windfeldt Glimpses Humanity’s Future Amidst the Remnants of a Sunken Village in ‘Rising Water’

Art & Fashion

19th August, 2019

Niels Windfeldt reveals how meticulous planning gave way to the harsh realities of freezing underwater filming in his experimental short 'Rising Water'.

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Gianluca Minucci Embarks on a Metaphysical Journey Through the Seasons of Life in ‘Ultrafiche of You’


16th August, 2019

Discover how the "snow burrito" became an essential environmental SFX tool in the creation of Gianluca Minucci's Com Truise music video 'Ultrafiche of

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Artemy Ortus Celebrates the Strength of the Female Spirit in Fierce Exaltation Short ‘In Women We Trust’

Live Action

15th August, 2019

Moscow director Artemy Ortus reveals how he marshalled resources for whistle-stop New York production 'In Women We Trust' - a celebration of female power.

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A Lesbian Couple Ride the Intoxicating Roller Coaster of Romance in Kevork Aslanyan’s ‘Tell Me’


14th August, 2019

Director Kevork Aslanyan & Producer Luzius Fischer share how they amalgamated their favourite Bulgarian & Swiss talent for music video Tell Me.

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Dan Sadgrove Captures an Ancestral Horse Race Born from Legend in Doc Short ‘S’Ardia é S’Ardia’


9th August, 2019

Dan Sadgrove explains how despite solo shooting & navigating a language barrier he was able to capture a thrilling ancestral horse race born from legend.

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