OK, so I posted this thought out loud several hours back, then due to the utter dreadfulness that was Celebrity Dance on Ice or something like that – Miss D’s mum’s visiting so our TV is currently committing crimes against humanity – I was spurred on to actually do something about it and after a failed attempt with the rather pretty Upstart Blogger Modicus theme – I couldn’t get it to display post images on the main page, probably mine and not the theme’s fault – I found The Morning After theme, which is what you’re seeing right now.

I’ll be tinkering here and there over the next couple of days so if you notice anything that disturbs your usual DN experience, give me a shout so I can figure out how to unbreak it.

Every time there’s a WordPress rev, I start to ponder updating the site with a new template. It’s not that I don’t love the Drunkey Love theme we’re currently sporting, but as things stand my coding skills leave rather a lot to be desired and Drunkey Love hasn’t been updated since late 2006 which means much like a kid forgotten by the school bus, the tail lights are moving further and further into the distance leaving us stranded by the roadside.

If you’ve seen any kick arse templates that work well with video and images be sure to give me a nod.

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