Remember Happy Monday, Andrew Filippone Jr.’s documentary film object (DN066)? Well Andrew’s applied his skills to distort the world of Charlie Rose in a new experimental piece. I could mangle together my own description of the piece and probably still be way off the mark so instead read Andrew’s description, watch the film and let him know your thoughts.

Something has happened to PBS favorite Charlie Rose. The erudite conversations and sober intellectualism have been replaced by an absurd world where illogic, inane dialogues, and open hostility rule. The one-on-one interview between Charlie and his guest begins as usual but quickly goes awry, so much so that Charlie is warned that, somewhere, a man named ‘Steve’ is not happy. But who is ‘Steve’ and why is he angry? And why does the mere mention of his name stop Charlie cold? Using appropriated footage from a single episode of Charlie Rose, filmmaker Andrew Filippone Jr. creates something both disturbing and farcical in “Charlie Rose” by Samuel Beckett.

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