It’s raining. In fact I believe technically you could call this pouring, which means what should be a night of excited anticipation has become a scramble to find items that’ll make camping in a soggy field for the next four days bearable. However, the very fact that I’m getting back to nature means the time has come round again for us to play out some of our favourite film finds to the Reading & Leeds music festival crowd, which is thankfully in a covered tent.

After last weekend’s screening at the Dislocation Festival – the films went down great, thank you for asking! – we could get used to stretching out of the podcast feed for some more face to face time.

Thanks as always go out to all the directors who’ve given us permission to screen their films, OFVM for inviting us back and the onedotzero folks for sending some good tips our way. If you’re going to be in attendance check out the posters for the screening line up and any one at Reading hit me up on the Twitter so we can meet over beer and music.

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