Whilst we may have hung the podcast mic up until the new year, it would be wrong to leave you with so much spare time and nothing to occupy it with, and so as is traditional at this time of year, we’ve asked some friends to join us over the next week or so in the impossible task of narrowing down and ranking the films we’ve seen in ’09.

First to step up to the plate is long time DN friend and twice past guest (DN028 & Storm) Kurtis Hough, who’s been sharing his lists with us since we started posting them. Kurt would like me to point out that the following is very much provisional until he’s had a chance to catch up with his ‘must see’ films, so don’t be surprised by any future tweaks.

1. Inglourious BasterdsQuentin Tarantino

2. CoralineHenry Selick

3. The Song of SparrowsMajid Majidi

4. Where the Wild Things AreSpike Jonze

5. PonyoHayao Miyazaki


6. Sin NombreCary Joji Fukunaga

7. DeparturesYōjirō Takita


8. TetroFrancis Ford Coppola

9. The Girlfriend ExperienceSteven Soderbergh

10. Anvil! The Story of AnvilSacha Gervasi


One Response to Kurtis Hough 2009 Top Ten

  1. Kurtis Hough says:

    Ok time to double up on film geekiness, here is my top 10 of the decade:
    1. Amores Perros
    2. In the Mood For Love
    3. Monster’s Ball
    4. Old Joy
    5. Requiem For A Dream
    6. Hero
    7. No Country for Old Men
    8. Adaptation
    9. Kill Bill
    10. The New World

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