Well about bloody time too!

For a while now Vimeo has been the de facto home for filmmakers to showcase their work, provide constructive criticism, and generally eat hours of my online viewing life. Instead of the dancing cats, pratfalls or five minute memes of YouTube, Vimeo provides community forums, film challenges and screening events that all go some way towards pushing the craft of filmmaking ever upwards. So the lack of an official Vimeo online film festival seemed conspicuous by its absence.

Perhaps the delay comes from wrangling such an impressive panel of judges or passing the hat for the $25,000 grant that goes to the ultimate winner to assist in the production of their next film? Whatever the reason, the Vimeo Film Festival is now live and open for entries until 31st July. Entry will cost you $20 or $5 if you’re already signed up as a Plus member on the site.

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