As a site initially born out of our desire to expose the filmmaking process through the DN podcast interviews, we get all envious excited when we see other people doing a better job in the same area. Whether it’s that bastard Koo with the outstanding nofilmschool or FWD:labs’ ridiculously useful compendium of Apps for Cinema Artists, anything that helps filmmakers along the path gets a thumbs up from us.

So with that in mind let me point you at the NEW BREED L.A. series, a recently completed collaboration between Filmmaker and the Workbook Project. Directed and produced by Sabi Pictures, NEW BREED L.A. features filmmakers at the L.A. Film Festival discussing their creative processes.

Watch Episode 1 “Nothing you Have to Have” below, then complete the series after the jump.


  1. Glad you find our resource, “Apps for Cinema Artists,” so useful for your readers! You know we also host regular filmmaker salons out here in Los Angeles, too. See for more about the last 40+ meetups.

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