Eliot Rausch teamed up with talented newcomer Tommy Petroni to create The Give, a short film cradled by a live performance by Chloe Katerndahl.

Recently we had the pleasure to meet Tommy Petroni,
an amazing 16 year old kid with a passion for life.
In passing he humbly mentioned his interest in photography.
Upon research we quickly realized his brilliance and potential
to join us in the journey and art of story telling.

3 Responses to The Give

  1. Sondhi says:

    Yeah, this was surprisingly good. Did you see Petroni’s ‘Youth’? I put it on SotW site last week, I thought it was dynamite.

  2. MarBelle says:

    Just took a look at Youth and found myself getting all wistful for those carefree days of mini-dramas that stretch into endless evenings. Petroni’s definitely going to be one to watch.

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