Gravity-was-everywhere-back-then-01On the 27th July I made my way to Black Rat Gallery to see Brent Green’s Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then. The event was hosted by Branchange Film Festival.

I had only heard of Brent from MarBelle and having checked out some animation I took him up on his offer of going to see a screening of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then. It’s always lovely to go to screenings. It’s also always lovely to get to meet the film maker. This time around Brent went on a little Shoreditch walkaround before entering the gallery to commence the screening. Whilst I had expectations I wasn’t ready for a full on band in the corner of the gallery. The projection started and the sound wasn’t coming from the projector but from Brent sat in the corner. For over an hour he spoke whilst the band swelled with accompanying music.

The film is about a man who meets the love of his life and marries her. But, like life does, it throws a spanner in the works and she becomes terminally ill. He decides to heal her. To heal her is to build a house. The house will continue to be built until she gets better. The film is heartbreaking and impressive in its breath and scale. The house itself was actually built in Brent’s back yard and sprawls around the plot it rests on. To make cash Brent sells the props to galleries all around the world and then travels the world screening his film. (Any gallery owners reading wanting to bring him back to England? Any?)

Words can’t describe how impressive it is that a film can be so amazing with such a small budget. But most importantly, when it finished and I told Brent how moved I had been by it he seemed genuinely shocked at my reaction and humbled by it. A person like that can’t make a bad film. It’s not in their genetic make up.

via Miss Bladder: Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.

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