Adam Buxton - Bug

Not content with forming one half of Adam & Joe with his partner in comedy Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Adam Buxton has also turned his hand to curating with his show dedicated to music videos – Bug.

BUG is a show featuring a selection of the latest interesting, brilliant, strange and otherwise noteworthy music videos that I present at the BFI Southbank in

With the show now transporting from the stage to the screen with Sky Atlantic, Adam chose to collaborate with a handful of his favourite directors to create a series of special videos for the series.

Sushi Song

A fan of all things Japanese, Adam wrote a pop ode to the nation’s best-known foodstuff and enlisted fellow Colonel Blimp director David Wilson to shoot the video for it.

‘Sushi Song’ is a raw fish fuelled fantasy set during a lock-in at a sushi bar where Adam gets to live out all his wildest sushi dreams. This is a whole new way of seeing sushi. Think Hot Shots meets Metronomy’s The Bay.

‘Sushi Song’ encapsulates David’s brilliantly tongue-in-cheek style. An assortment of visual techniques are used to turn a night at a Japanese restaurant into a surreal sushi bender, complete with flying fish and a talking bowl of miso soup. Expect ladies having a great time with the raw fish and Adam riding a sushi train.

In Adam’s own words: “We set out to make what is hopefully the most offensively racist and sexist video about Sushi ever with a kind of lardy, hairy, Ewok man in the middle.”

‘Livin In The Sunlight, Lovin In The Moonlight’

Animation super-siblings the Layzell Bros transformed him into a 2-dimensional vagrant for their psychedelic interpretation of Tiny Tim’s impossibly cheerful 1968 version of ‘Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moonlight’, a song originally featured in a 1930 Maurice Chevalier film ‘The Big Pond’.

Drawn in their distinctive 80s-inspired kaleidoscopic style, the Layzells take us on a surreal romp through a richly textured cartoon world dreamed up by a hallucinating out-of-work animator (played by Mr Buxton himself).

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