Last year we ventured into the woods with Czlowiek Kamera for his reality bending Call Me in the Afternoon promo, now in Śnienie for Kraków musician Tkacz, he collaborates with photographer Nishe, to have that unreality bleed out into the world of a young woman searching for herself.

After introducing Nishe to Kamera, Tkacz stepped back and allowed the pair to run with complete creative freedom when crafting the ethereal narrative for Śnienie which took shape relatively quickly – a rough outline laid out and locations chosen after their first brainstorming meeting. The DSLR shoot was an equally efficient affair taking just two days to complete. Where things shifted down gears was during the project’s post production phase:

The post-production took me exceptionally long time. I was stopping my work and coming back to it many times in order to distance myself and gain some perspective on the material I had directed and filmed. In the editing process I always try to forget about the ambitions of the cameraman in me and think like a director, be analytical. This time it took me over a month to finish that phase. I wanted to get rid of the elements that would guide the audience to understanding the content of the letter which is a leitmotif and a connecting element for three different worlds: the dream, the reality and the memory.

This doing away with explicit explanatory elements leaves us free to experience the girl’s journey as she hunts through her environment. It also reflects the dream state that Kamera wanted to maintain throughout the various stages of production and infuse into the completed film:

For me taking the audience to a certain undefined space is more important than introducing a story with the introduction, the body and the conclusion, and thus presenting clear and obvious logical conclusions. During the filming we could feel a strange sleepy atmosphere surrounding us and I wanted to intensify it in the post-production. It is very important for a director not to loose the atmosphere closed in an energetic sphere, which can burn out after some time. The sooner he will finish his work the better, however some details (such as VFX) require extensive amounts of time. In the world of the dream there is no logic and you won’t find it in Śnienie.

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