In his new single shot promo Mistrz! for reggae/rap outfit KaCeZet & Fundamenty, director Florian Malak employs a rotofreeze technique to highlight the skills of a diverse selection of physically creative ‘masters’. We asked Florian to tell us a little more about how the promo came into being.

The KaCeZet & Fundamenty song is called Master! and the feeling you get listening to the track is a kind of positive affirmation so my concept was to show as many real “masters” as possible; the masters of circus bike, dance, pole dance and parkour – people who are doing some great stuff and are full of passion. The next step was finding a framework within which to strengthen those master’s movements. We decided to use a rotofreeze technique to highlight key frames of the master moves.

We did some small tests before shooting, but all rehearsals of the final continuous shot took place during the first 5 hours of the shooting day. Trust me, it was a crazy day, with a lot of adventures! We ultimately did something like 12 takes; I decided to use the penultimate run through as it had the best rhythm of the story. When you prepare such a long single take shot you need to have a perfect correlation between space and time, and we managed to get that after a 9 hour shooting day including all the on set rehearsals. My DoP Tomek Naumiuk and I decided to shoot on the Sony F5 as we knew it performed well under low light conditions.

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The next step was the online work with the great people from Televisor postproduction house – a special thanks to Hubert Mazaki Dłużniewski, Televisor online artist. We created the rotofreeze frames of the master moves and also added some extra tricks such as the invisible longboard.

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