In Michal Bolland’s music video for Andrew Bayer’s Need Your Love, a woman wanders through, yet apart from, the natural habitat that surrounds her until a series of young, more attuned guides are able to bring her to a place of acceptance and peace. It’s a concept that occurred to Bayer very early on in the production process:

“The first time I heard ‘Need Your Love’, immediately this image came to mind. I knew that to catch the feeling of the song, we had to shoot it in desolate, remote, but also beautiful surroundings. The track has these very positive and gentle vibes, but I also felt like there is a secret hidden beyond that; some sort of charm combined with a mystery – and this is something that I also really like in women. I therefore knew who had to play the lead part and I’m glad that Kasia Smolinska said “yes” to the project. I’m not only delighted with her performance, she’s also just a great person to work with.”

With remote locations a necessity, Bayer and his DoP Karol Lakomiec searched hard to find the logistical balance between picturesque beauty and accessibility for cast and crew as they moved locations for the the various scenes.

“Finally I decided to go to the Polish and Slovak Tatras Mountains. We had 4 long days shooting days in a row with our Red One and Sony FS700 in very difficult terrain in July, which is the most rainy month there. It was a little bit of a gamble, but we made it work. I’m very proud of the whole cast and crew, especially the kids. I had a chance to work with fantastic and talented people, so I’m even more grateful to Andrew and Anjunabeats for choosing me to direct it.”

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