Past Obsessions Afflict the Present in Ursula Ellis’ Emotional Drama ‘For George on His 30th Birthday’

Live Action, Premiere

15th January, 2021

Ursula Ellis talks emotional history and developing a vintage filmic look for her South-set coming of age drama 'For George on His 30th Birthday'.

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High Culture Meets Subculture in Emilie Norenberg’s Contemporary Dance Film ‘Voguing With Beethoven’

Art & Fashion, Music

14th January, 2021

Emilie Norenberg shares the experience of modernising classical music for 'Voguing With Beethoven', her dance film commemorating the famous composer.

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Alfie Dale Tells the Spiritual Journey of a Trans Teen in Fairytale Drama ‘My Brother is a Mermaid’

Live Action, Premiere

13th January, 2021

Alfie Dale explains how he sought to re-understand embedded societal gender norms through his social-realist LGBTQ fairytale 'My Brother is a Mermaid'.

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An Isolated Man Follows a Ritualistic Pursuit in Andrew Butler & James Wilson’s Bleak Drama ‘Keratin’

Live Action, Premiere

8th January, 2021

Andrew Butler and James Wilson detail the visual inspiration behind the bleak, lonely atmosphere of their isolation drama 'Keratin'.

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Ayla Spaans Orchestrates a Devilish Dinner Party for Experimental Self-Love Story ‘A Boring Day in Hell’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

5th January, 2021

Ayla Spaans describes how her relationship with self-love informed 'A Boring Day in Hell', her experimental horror about a thrilling dinner party.

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James Maitre Top Ten Features of 2020


24th December, 2020

"Even in a year such as this, there is still an impressive amount of indelible cinema to gush over." James delivers his top ten feature films of 2020.

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The Last Man Alive Wrestles With His Will to Survival in Alex Wither’s Apocalyptic Horror Drama ‘Dead Quiet’

Live Action, Premiere

21st December, 2020

Alex Withers walks DN through building his vision of a world in silent despair for his end-of-the-world horror drama 'Dead Quiet'.

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Helen Warner Weaves a Tale of Religious Guilt, Sin & Redemption in Experimental Drama ‘Stigma’

Live Action, Premiere

17th December, 2020

Helen Warner explains how she drew upon real-life experiences of her past to informed the themes and period setting of her 1940s-set Irish drama 'Stigma'.

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Rob Price’s Existentially Debut ‘What Is Ian’ Tells a Story of One Middle-Aged Man’s Idyllic Safe Space, His Bath

Live Action, Premiere

16th December, 2020

Rob Price walks DN through the meditative acting techniques he taught his non-actor protagonist for their minimalistic drama short 'What Is Ian'.

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Kieran Nolan Jones Expresses the Shared Familial Horror of a Life Changing Injury in Deeply Personal Doc ‘Jelly Brain’

Animation, Documentary, Premiere

15th December, 2020

Kieran Nolan Jones discusses combining surreal animation with personal interviews to document the aftermath of his family's trauma in 'Jelly Brain'.

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NONO Captures the Depths of the Grieving Process in Andalusian Culture in Califato ¾’s ‘Fandangô de Carmen Porter’


14th December, 2020

NONO talks digging into Andalusian identity and channelling it into a timeless 16mm portrait of death, loss and mysticism in 'Fandangô de Carmen Porter'.

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How the Shark Awards Is Evolving Into One of the UK’s Most Exciting Short Film Festivals

Film Festival

11th December, 2020

Chairman Peter Brady introduces us to The Shark Awards' latest venture Shark Awards Short Film, a brand new stand alone festival and awards event.

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