BFI Flare London LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2019: Sign of the Times

Film Festival

19th March, 2019

DN looks ahead to this year's BFI Flare festival, assessing the selection of works being presented and offering suggestions of what to watch.

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Emily Elizabeth Thomas Tackles Southern Gun Violence With a Twist in ‘Lola: Girl Got A Gun’

Live Action

15th March, 2019

DN speaks with Emily Elizabeth Thomas who discusses her approach to armed violence on screen, working with child actors and creating a Texas-set trilogy.

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Manizha: MAMA

Asides, Music

12th March, 2019

Lado Kvaniya's new short is a music video turned art-manifesto, featuring dark imagery set to Manizha's eerie aural palette.

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Jamieson Pearce Queries Morality and Mother/Son Dynamics in his Short Film Drama ‘Adult’

Live Action, Premiere

7th March, 2019

Jamieson Pearce tells DN how he approached his dramatic exploration of the emotional complexity of parental relationships in queer drama short 'Adult'.

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Daniel McKee Unravels the Missing Person Narrative From the Perspective of a Phone Screen in Thriller ‘if you never...

Live Action

5th March, 2019

DN speaks with Daniel McKee about how he was able to build suspense and develop a structured story from a phone in his thriller 'if you never answered x'.

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Le Cerf-Voliste


22nd February, 2019

ASA students Lucie Andouche & Cécile Despretz present this succinct, sombre & colourful short about the relationship between a boy, a girl & their kites.

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Food Play

Animation, Asides

21st February, 2019

Director Alon Isocianu and Toronto Studio Reactiv bring together the worlds of food and sports in their playfully inventive short 'Food Play'.

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We Are The Weirdos: The Final Girls Present A Selection of the Best Horror Shorts in Recent Years

Animation, Live Action

20th February, 2019

DN converses with the We Are The Weirdos filmmakers about the methods and inspiration behind their exciting, inventive horror films.

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Ben Hector Explores Fractious Mother Daughter Dynamics in Family Drama ‘Jo’

Live Action

18th February, 2019

Director Ben Hector tells DN how working with established actors, both old and young, helped shape his awkward family drama short 'Jo'.

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Silent Conductors

Animation, Asides

15th February, 2019

Tom McCarten creates a poem-inspired personification of buildings through the use of hand-built sculptures and quirky animation in 'Silent Conductors'.

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Fades & Braids

Art & Fashion, Asides

13th February, 2019

Director Amber Grace Johson explores how our hairstyles define us in her pulsing, hypnotic fashion film 'Fades & Braids'.

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Jeannie Nguyen Explores a Modern Heartbreak in the City in Vietnam-Set Short ‘Sigh Gone’

Live Action

11th February, 2019

DN speaks with Jeannie Nguyen about directing in a major city, her cinematic influences and creating Easter eggs in her short film 'Sigh Gone'.

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