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Olivier Lescot’s ‘The Rift’ is the Perfect High-Octane Tribute to the Myth of Tommy Lee Jones

Olivier Lescot discusses deploying flowing movements, an impressive one-shot, a fine sense of myth and a propulsive tone for his kinetic car chase short.

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Animation, Music

Matt Genesis Executes Pulse-Pounding Action in His John Wick-Esque Promo for Xavier Goodman’s ‘Tanjiro’

Matt Genesis reveals how he blended stylised animation with live-action stunts in his ambitious music video for Xavier Goodman.

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Live Action, Music

A Pregnant Spy Goes Into Hiding in Willem Kantine’s Subversive Music Video/Short Film Hybrid ‘Homunculus’

Willem Kantine reveals how his Sevdaliza music video takes a critical perspective on representations of pregnant women in Western society.

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Asides, Live Action

Christmas On The Moon

A 12 year old girl becomes embroiled in a violent drug war when she decides to keep a giant teddy bear bound for a mafia boss in 'Christmas On The Moon'.

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Live Action

Action, Adventure, Romance, Underpants…short film ‘!!RENEGADE!!’ has it all

f watching a man run around in his pants battling a monocled villain doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, then Kevin Van Witt and Michael Cavanaugh’s epic

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Part of Channel 4’s Random Acts series, the ever creative DANIELS bring us what has to be the closest quarters fight scene ever made in Pockets.

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