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Benn Veasey’s ‘Vibration’ Is a Celebration of Dance and Community Manifested by Artificial Intelligence

Benn Veasey speaks to the narrative substance that needed to underpin the stylish AI generated imagery used in his globe-spanning music video.

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Hugh Mulhern Captures the Chaos of a Night Out in His Live Action/Animation Hybrid Music Video ‘Doolally’

Hugh Mulhern details the filmmaking equipment and techniques he deployed in order to create the chaotic nature of a night out for his Hak Baker music video.

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Animation, Music

Patrick Hanser’s A.I. Generated Music Video for ‘Cores’ Is a Kaleidoscopic Tapestry of Classic Art Styles

Patrick Hansen unpacks the challenges and benefits of taking on an animator mindset when creating A.I. imagery for his inventive, multi-styled music video.

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Live Action, Premiere

Calvin Demba Takes an Algorithmic Look at the Damaging Cycle of Toxic Relationships in Sexbot Comedy ‘BabyDolls’

We speak to Calvin Demba about creating a timeless feeling for his dark AI relationship comedy about a misogynistic man falling victim to his own toxicity.

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