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Directors Notes Top 20 Filmmaker Conversations of 2022

From an exhilarating year of DN interviews, this selection of 20 favourites epitomises the rich, insightful conversations we had with directors in 2022.

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Animation, Live Action

Female Pleasure Is Given a Playful Fulfilling Expression in Alena Shevchenko’s ‘Sorry I Am Late I Was Masturbating’

Alena Shevchenko explains why she wanted to explore female pleasure in her film about a woman banishing pre-date nerves with a spot of self-gratification.

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Art & Fashion, Premiere

Alena Shevchenko Hesitates to Make the First Move in Playful Will She Won’t She Short ‘I’ll Say It First’

Director Alena Shevchenko clues us into the inspirations she drew from the Soviet era for her playful will she won't she short 'I'll Say It First'.

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