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Andzej Gavriss’ ‘Eleusis’ Plunges Ukrainian Pop Star Ivan Dorn into a Weird and Wonderful Rehab Facility

Live Action

27th May, 2021

Andzej Gavriss details the meticulous storyboarding process which underpinned the creation of 'Eleusis' — a delicious, horror trip inspired by Greek myth.

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Politics & Religion Conspire to Bequeath Eternal Youth on the Powerful in Andzej Gavriss’ ‘You’re Born’


6th April, 2020

Andzej Gavriss provides us with a detailed walk through of the sub-zero challenges he had to surmount for Aigel's eternal youth music video 'You're Born'.

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Andzej Gavriss Ventures into the Dark Corners of a Bangkok Fever Dream in ‘1190’

Art & Fashion, Music

22nd January, 2018

Andzej Gavriss submerges us in an oxygen deprived fever dream of lost home and identity, capturing the dark corners of Bangkok along the way.

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