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Nature and Memories Curate a Spiritual Release in Nicola Martini’s Commercial Short ‘The Shape of Life’

Nicola Martini reveals the methods he use to achieve the intense, climactic tonal sensibility of his alpine-set branded short for Serafino Consoli Jewelry.

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Live Action

BLOK Take Aim at the Warped Ideals of Honour in Darkly Comic Satirical Short ‘A Dishonourable Death’

BLOK chew over the technical decisions that manifested the heightened tone of their period short about bruised male pride escalating to fatal consequences.

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Spirits Awaken in an Estranged Crimson World in Hannah Doerr’s Mystical Infrared Music Video ‘RUINS’

Hannah Doerr speaks about the meticulous tests and setup that underpinned the otherworldly infrared look of her Butoh dance music video.

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