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Arthur Valverde Ventures Into the Pulsating Heart of Berlin’s Techno Community in ‘Rave’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Music, Premiere

16th October, 2018

A girl takes a contemplative journey into the pulsating heart of Berlin's techno community in Arthur Valverde's doc collaboration with Nakt 'Rave'.

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A Woman’s Virtual Spirit Fights to Reenter Her Body in Kinect Dance Music Video ‘Blossom Through’

Live Action

11th July, 2018

Michael Gugger tells DN how he & Arthur Valverde combined dance footage with 3D depth data for distorted digital mirror music video 'Blossom Through'.

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Appreciate the Beauty of Frozen Moments in Arthur Valverde’s Sculptural Dance Short ‘Statures of Gods’

Art & Fashion

5th December, 2017

Arthur Valverde tells DN how he combined sculpture and dance to express the beauty of the frozen moment in Paris art short 'Statures of Gods'.

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