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‘Square It’ by Sammy Rawal Is the Cheesy Collaboration Music Video Celebration That We All Crave

We speak to director Sammy Rawal about celebrating everyone's favourite orange cheese slice in his hyper-stylized branded Kelis music video.

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Live Action

Joseph Amenta Tells a Tale of Personal Refuge Within Kiki Ballroom Culture in LGBTQ Short ‘Haus’

Joseph Amenta discusses the research they did into the Kiki Ballroom scene in order to create a faithful representation of community.

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Art & Fashion, Music

High Culture Meets Subculture in Emilie Norenberg’s Contemporary Dance Film ‘Voguing With Beethoven’

Emilie Norenberg shares the experience of modernising classical music for 'Voguing With Beethoven', her dance film commemorating the famous composer.

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