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Live Action

Mask-Clad Roller Skating Thieves Risk It All in Ben Dean’s Frenetic Dr. Dre Branded Short ‘Flipper’s Skate Heist’

Ben Dean tells DN how he imbued his action-packed and propulsive style of filmmaking into his branded short set around a roller skate heist.

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Art & Fashion

Ben Dean’s Propulsive Direction Transforms New York Into the Ultimate Dance Stage for Nike’s ‘Own The Floor’

Discover how through spinning shots, fluid combination of voiceover and music, and expressive, fun dance moves, Ben Dean created the ultimate ode to NYC.

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Ben Dean on Filming the Variety of Quarantine Experiences in his Diverse ‘Shelter in Place’ Dance Video Series

Ben Dean shares his experience making music video series 'Shelter in Place', 7 diverse one-shot dance films that explore the range of emotions in lockdown.

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Documentary, Premiere

Ben Dean Throws Us Headlong Into the Infectiously Subversive Mind of a Larger Than Life-Sized Artist in ‘Kitt’

Ben Dean explains how he used a mixture of formats to capture the essence of larger than life-sized artist Kitt Bennett in kinetic profile doc 'KITT'.

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