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Nudity Is Stripped of Its Over Sexualised Prejudices in Ross Casswell’s Liberating Documentary Short ‘Naked Woman’

Ross Casswell discusses finding relatable clarity in the collective stories of the three women documented in his exploration of nudity and the female form.

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Film Festival, Live Action

Eivind Landsvik’s Cannes Palme d’Or Short ‘TITS’ Shares an Achingly Honest Portrayal of Teenage Insecurities

Eivind Landsvik details the key scenes from his tender Cannes selected coming of age drama short which could only be captured on 16mm film.

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Art & Fashion, Documentary

Tommaso Ottomano Delivers a Bold Exploration of the Relationship Between the Physical and Mental Ego in ‘Body’

Tommaso Ottomano explains why he decided to create 'Body' a boldly unabashed digital magazine cover hosted on OnlyFans to bypass outdated censorship rules.

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