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Matias Bolla Provides a Glimpse Into the Lives of Isolated Patagonian Gauchos in Enthralling Doc ‘Campesinos’

Documentary, Premiere

26th February, 2020

DN speaks with documentarian Matias Bolla about 'Campesinos' his film about the lives of Chilean gauchos, and their journey of tradition and endurance.

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Joshua Dawson Envisions the Digital Future of Chile’s Resource Striped Ghost Towns in Foreboding Short ‘Loa’s Promise’

Animation, Art & Fashion

19th April, 2019

Joshua Dawson tells DN how he used drone footage & 3D modelling to create a foreboding vision of Chile's resource striped ghost towns in 'Loa's Promise'.

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A Dead Body Forces Co-Workers to Contemplate Life & Death in Shalini Adnani‚Äôs Darkly Comic ‘Something More Banal’

Live Action, Premiere

17th October, 2018

DN speaks to writer/director Shalini Adnani about turning the bizarre ways we react to death into existential black comedy short 'Something More Banal'.

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DN347: Chameleon – Jorge Riquelme Serrano

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

15th December, 2016

Jorge Riquelme Serrano shares how structured improvisation enabled him to shoot his uninvited guest psychological thriller feature debut in a mere 4 days.

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