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Omer Ben-Shachar Queries the Masked Nature of Identity in Hybrid Claudio Olachea Music Video ‘Down Here’

Omer Ben-Shachar tells DN how he achieved the disturbing tone of his forced persona short through the use of creepy prosthetics and ominous camera angles.

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Art & Fashion

Dasha Gushchina’s ‘Slaughterhouse-Six’ is a Bracing Balletic Response to Russia’s Descent into Fascism

With militaristic movements on a barren landscape, Dasha Gushchina discusses crafting a brutal ballet as a direct response to unthinkable monstrosities.

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Live Action, Premiere

Five Participants Undergo a Not so Simple Test of Conformity in Theo Gee & Ian Bousher’s Dark Comedy ‘Aping’

A man undergoing a conformity test decides to give the researchers exactly what they want in Theo Gee and Ian Bousher's pitch dark comedy 'Aping'.

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