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VOLA: Smartfriend

Asides, Music

13th September, 2018

Craig Murray brings his sci-fi/horror sensibilities to the percussive sounds of Copenhagen rock quartet VOLA in gruesome music video 'Smartfriend'.

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Craig Murray Gives Birth to a Lost Love That Defies Time & Space in Practical Effects Music Video ‘Unarm’

Animation, Music

10th August, 2017

DN digs into the labour-intensive techniques behind Craig Murray's apocalyptic, past future lovers music video for Ghost Against Ghost.

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Take a Hypnotic Journey into the Mind in Craig Murray’s ‘Teenage Exorcists’ Music Video for Mogwai


12th December, 2014

DN catches up with Craig Murray to discuss how he went about creating a hypnotic journey into the mind in 'Teenage Exorcists' for Mogwai.

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Hexis: Tenebris


1st November, 2013

Halloween may have come to a close yesterday but there was no way I could resist posting Craig Murray’s down right creepy exorcism promo for

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Blood Red Shoes: In Time to Voices


10th September, 2012

We love the visceral visual style of Craig Murray’s work. So too do Blood Red Shoes who got him to helm their Over the Top style promo for track In

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Shy Girl

Live Action

24th April, 2012

Following on from El Vez’s Eight Items post earlier today, here’s another entry from the 2012 Sci-Fi London 48hr film challenge. Shy Girl, from

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SHE: Version 2

Art & Fashion

22nd March, 2012

Back in January Craig Murray released SHE: SET THE DESTROYER, but tantalised us with the fact that it was version 1/2. Version 2 is now available, running

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The Twilight Sad: Another Bed


24th January, 2012

It’s tough being a serial killer. Isolated, you meticulously toil away in obscurity, your greatest achievements going unrecognised. If only there was

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Art & Fashion

9th January, 2012

If it’s ‘built, shot and edited by Craig Murray‘ then I’m all eyes and you should be too. Although be warned; here be monsters, NSFW

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DN213: Craig Murray

Art & Fashion, Podcasts

12th August, 2011

I’ve been a fan of the triple filtered, experimental video work of Craig Murray for quite a while now so thought it was high time I invited him onto

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Art & Fashion, Asides, Live Action

4th June, 2011

Director Craig Murray unleashes UNTITLED (2011), a grotesquely beautiful, horror lab performance piece, set to the sounds of Múm.

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Abnormals 2


13th November, 2010

Creating a moving image from 89 sent photographs. The jerky animated stills work perfectly with the opening of Zu’s Obsidian. Just in case it

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