Another bed

It’s tough being a serial killer. Isolated, you meticulously toil away in obscurity, your greatest achievements going unrecognised. If only there was someway to cheer yourself up, say with a party? You may have no friends, but you’re certainly not short on bodies…

Craig Murray’s new promo for Scottish band The Twilight Sad’s Another Bed is an interesting twist on the serial killer seeking recognition, which melds in the defunct properties of VHS and a spot of marionetting too.

When photography was first invented, it was thought that it gave the people it captured immortality; taking their souls, giving them everlasting life. I thought I’d continue this theme using the dying format of VHS with the story of a video-shop worker (he actually works in that shop and is the singer known as Stuart Warwick). I’d never seen the job position used in a film like this. Kinda strange, really, considering that he has all your details.

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