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Conan Season 3 Supercut


20th November, 2013

The ever visually enthralling Cyriak gets his creative hands on Conan O’Brien for what has to be the greatest season supercut of all time.

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Bloc Party: Ratchet


27th June, 2013

Cyriak applies his reality bending, mindfuck talents to the music machine that is Bloc Party in their new promo Ratchet.

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Bonobo: Cirrus

Animation, Music

26th January, 2013

I could happily watch Cyriak bend reality for hours on end, but the 3:22 he spends looping the 50s for Bonobo’s Cirrus will just have to do.

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Flying Lotus: Putty Boy Strut


21st September, 2012

Cyriak applies his morphing mutant looping skills to the sounds of Flying Lotus in Putty Boy Strut, the tale of harmonious robots consumed by a marauding

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