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Charlotte Regan Pushes the Boundaries of Documentary in Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere Short ‘Drug Runner’


22nd August, 2018

Dana Lockwood talks to dir. Charlotte Regan about conveying the perspective of personal reality in her docu-drama about a 15 year old cocaine dealer.

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Memories of a Beloved Shopping Trolley Chart the Bond of Friendship in Ruda Santos’ ‘Jabulani’

Documentary, Live Action

1st August, 2018

Ruda Santos shares how fond memories of a shopping trolley led to an endearing walk with friends down memory lane in docufiction short 'Jabulani'.

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The Lines of Reality & Fiction Blur in Dominique Van Olm’s Sibling Short ‘Little Brother’

Documentary, Live Action

15th May, 2018

DN speaks with Dominique Van Olm about documenting her brother's first trip to Toronto in form-bending narrative sibling documentary, 'Little Brother'.

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Documentary & Fiction Blur in Kimmo Films’ Day in the Life of a Thai Prostitute Music Video ‘Promises of...

Documentary, Music

18th March, 2014

Nina Spiering and Mirka Duijn of Kimmo Films employ their documentary and drama experience to create a Docu-Fiction music video look at the life and hopes

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